And the Idea Was Born...

Jack Junkies was conceived after a couple of troubling experiences I had with my own automobiles. The first occurred when my friendly car dealership let me know that to figure out what was causing the CEL (Check Engine Light) to come on in my car, I was looking at an $850 tab. I thought I might know what the problem was myself and passed on the service. A trip to a retail auto parts store on my way home fixed the trouble in under ten dollars--all I needed was a new gas cap. I could have spent the $850 and been none the wiser.

The second experience involved was an attempt to indulge in a little therapeutic DIYing on a lovely Saturday afternoon. I like to work on what I call a “hobby” car in my garage; my wife calls it an "unnecessary expense" but that’s a whole other story. To make a long story short, all chaos broke loose just as I settled in to enjoy myself. As many of you can relate, having a family with young kids makes it extremely difficult to work without distractions. With a cramped garage and an HOA that keeps me from working in my driveway, you get the picture. I knew I had to figure something out or I was looking at the slow demise of my beloved hobby.

That’s when I realized that DIY’ers and hobbyists like me need a place to perform auto repairs and maintenance in an environment made just for that--a facility that has all the tools and resources we need, and allows us to work alongside people who enjoy doing the same thing. Throw in flat screen TV’s above the bays, hot coffee and in most cases a serious savings, thus I introduce to you, Jack Junkies.

My wife and I own and run Jack Junkies with the help of our extremely talented management staff and technicians. It is our goal to provide a fully equipped DIY auto repair facility, expert advice and superior customer service with the opportunity to save money. Come in and see us, we look forward to meeting you!

Warm regards,
William Callahan, Owner