Our 15,900 sq. ft., state-of-the-art auto repair faciltiy provides DIY'ers, moonlighting technicians, car enthusiasts or any car owner, the ability to perform their own repairs or have repairs performed for them all under the same roof, in one convenient location.

Jack Junkies is a DIY auto repair facility with 6 bays and an extensive list of tools and equipment. Our ASE-certified technicians walk the floor to provide guideance and answer questions while customers work. Online subscription repair manuals are readily available offering detailed repair information for those that want to do repair research. Flat screen TV’s hang near all of the bays so you never have to miss out on the game while you work. You may find our technicians doing full service work for customers that are not DIY'ers or for complex projects our DIY customers are not interested in performing themselves. Bring your friends and come down to see us! Hang out in our customer lounge between repairs!

No, not at all. We welcome first-timers, experienced DIY'ers and talented automotive technicians working during off hours. But you should consider your skill level with your particular repair before you visit us. Read all about our Do it Yourself service and our Do it with Help service before you come in. If you are confident you can handle an entire repair yourself, give or take a few minutes of discussion with our technician, then the Do it Yourself service is perfect with you. If you think you may need more help than the initial 5 minutes of guidance from a technician before you begin, then go with the Do it with Help service to make sure your repair is done properly.

To use our facility, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and provide proof of current insurance for the vehicle you are repairing in our facility. Customers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. No young children in the garage. Kids are welcome to wait in our customer lounge while you work. Also, you must wear closed-toe shoes at all times in the garage.

Absolutely. We are happy to perform complex repairs you may not be interested in performing yourself or for our non-DIY customers. We offer a low labor rate of $75/hr which is well below the average rate in the DFW metroplex. All types of vehicles are welcome.

Yes. All six of our bays are equipped with lifts. We have four (4) 2-post lifts and two (2)  4-post lifts with one Moto/ATV table lift to rent.

Yes. We have a large variety of tools to rent and many basic tools are included in the bay rental price. If you think you need something special or unique or want to reserve your tool list ahead of time, please call or email us.

Yes. You are welcome to bring in your own tools with any bay rental. Please let us know at the front desk that you will be using your own tools.

Yes. We have two (2) mobile computing platforms with professional online subscription repair manuals in our garage to be used as often as you need, free of charge. They can also be used to hook up to our flat-screens should you need a little larger monitor to follow along with a repair video or anything else requiring a larger viewing area.  

That's completely up to you. We have basic maintenance items available to purchase here at the garage. For other items, our preferred relationship with O'Reilly Auto Parts allows us to have parts delivered to our door in an hour or less, often in even 30 minutes. If you know what parts you need before coming in, you can call us in advance and we'll have the parts waiting for you when you arrive. You are also completely welcome to bring in your own parts.

Our primary goal is to provide all of the resources our customers need to perform their own repairs and save money. Although, if you feel a repair is beyond your skill level, you can hire one of our Pro Techs to walk you through the repair so that you get to learn exactly how to perform the repair from a trained professional. See the Do it with Help section of our website for more details. We suggest you make a reservation for this service prior to coming in.

Yes. Our facility is equipped with everything you need to service your auto, truck, SUV, van, motorcycle, ATV, and even snowmobile!

Although we offer access to professional repair manuals designed for automotive technicians with every rental, it is also helpful to research DIY auto repair websites prior to coming in to get an idea of what your repair involves.

We suggest:,,

We have monthly rates available for long-term projects upon request and availability. Please discuss your needs with one of our staff members.

Yes. We’ll take care of disposing of your used fluids at no additional charge.

Of course. If you have friends that will help you, great! Bring in your car-loving buddies and learn a bit or watch the game on a flat screen near your bay while they do all the work! All we ask is that they sign a waiver if they plan on hanging out in your bay.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards. We do not accept checks.

You must be 18 years or older to work in our facility or close to that age and accompanied by an adult. Young children are welcome but we do ask that you have them wait in our customer lounge. It's equipped with a flat screen TV and plenty of channels to keep them busy while you work!

Definitely. All you have to do is call us in advance and let us know when your club is interested in holding the event. We recommend weeknights when we are less busy but weekends work fine too! Call 972.881.5349 or for more information.